Principal English Translation: 

garments, clothing (see Karttunen); or, a bib-like ritual garment worn on the chest (see Sahagún)
Fray Bernardino de Sahagún, Primeros Memoriales, ed. Thelma D. Sullivan, et al. (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1997), 103.

Orthographic Variants: 
Frances Karttunen: 

QUĒM(I)-TL garment / vestidura, vestido, manto, etc. (S) The variant QUĒN-TLI cooccurs with QUĒM(I)-TL IN C, T, and Z. When not modified by QUECH, this form is prefixed with TLA- in all attestations. See TLAQUĒM(I)-TL, QUĒM(I).

QUĒM(I) vt to put on or wear clothes / ponerse manta o capa, o traerla puesta (M), vestirse de una vestidura (C) This most often occurs with the nonspecific object prefix TLA- with the sense 'to be dressed.' With a particular item of clothing, the specific object marker is used.
Frances Karttunen, An Analytical Dictionary of Nahuatl (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1992), 208.