Principal English Translation: 

a bed of hay or straw (see attestations)

Orthographic Variants: 
zaca pechtli, çaca pechtli, çacapechtli
Attestations from sources in English: 

Intlacouh, inzacapech in ueuetque. Inin tlatolli, itechpa mitoaya: inic yancuican acico chichimeca ueuetque, in oc quauhtla, in oc zacatla. = The beds of twigs and straw of the ancients. This was said about the ancient Chichimecas when they first arrived. It was still forest and open plains.
Thelma D. Sullivan, "Nahuatl Proverbs, Conundrums, and Metaphors, Collected by Sahagún," Estudios de Cultura Náhuatl 4 (1963), 174–175.