(a loanword from Spanish)

Principal English Translation: 

a saint's name, given to indigenous women upon baptism, beginning in the 16th c.; interesting, too, for the orthographic variations in writing it in Nahuatl; also a patron saint (María Magdalena) from some communities (see attestations)

Orthographic Variants: 
Matarena. Magdalenan, Madalena
Attestations from sources in English: 

yziuhauh vmoquatequi matarena = He has a wife, baptized Magdalena(Cuernavaca region, ca. 1540s)
The Book of Tributes: Early Sixteenth-Century Nahuatl Censuses from Morelos, ed. and transl. S. L. Cline, (Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center Publications, 1993), 122–123.