a la ciudad.

(a loanword from Spanish)

a la ciudad.
Principal English Translation: 

in the city

Attestations from sources in English: 

allde: yvan: teupan: tlacatl çano calaqui: ytequiuh: yvan: cuavitl monamacaz ompa: alaçiudad yvan: çacatl: ytlacual: caballo = The tribute of the alcaldes and the church staff is also delivered, along with wood that is to be sold in the city; and fodder, food for horses.[petition (M 9); (Dakin ed. 1996: 40); time range: 1572]
Loans in Colonial and Modern Nahuatl, eds. Agnieszka Brylak, Julia Madajczak, Justyna Olko, and John Sullivan, Trends in Linguistics Documentation 35 (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2020), 61-62.