a Los Lagos.

(a loanword from Spanish)

a Los Lagos.
Principal English Translation: 

to [San Juan de] Los Lagos, in [San Juan de] Los Lagos

Attestations from sources in English: 

auh yca vyac topiltzin franco sanches vyac a los lagos vmpa vnexic ycihuauh topiltzin v̅mpa vquicauhque auh sanc nimã vmucauhque v̅pa a los lagos. = For that reason our community member, Francisco Sánchez, left; he went to [San Juan de] Los Lagos. The wife of our community member showed up there where they had abandoned her. Then [she and her husband] just remained there in [San Juan de] Los Lagos.[petition (ANV 13); (Sullivan ed. 2003: 37); time range: 1618]
Loans in Colonial and Modern Nahuatl, eds. Agnieszka Brylak, Julia Madajczak, Justyna Olko, and John Sullivan, Trends in Linguistics Documentation 35 (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2020), 62.