(a loanword from Spanish)

Principal English Translation: 


Attestations from sources in English: 

ypann ilhuitzin totlaçohnātzin asubcio omoquatlatlaque dotatzitzin: otequatlapā dodatzin sn franco oquiquatlapanque cora D: antto nio de torres yuā Joa descobal ayorate. = “On the feast day of our precious mother of the Assumption, our fathers broke each other’s heads [had a big fight]. A Franciscan father did some head-breaking. They broke the head of the parish priest don Antonio de Torres along with Juan de Escobar, [assistant]” (Townsend ed. 2010: 182). [annals (AT); time range: 1670]
Loans in Colonial and Modern Nahuatl, eds. Agnieszka Brylak, Julia Madajczak, Justyna Olko, and John Sullivan, Trends in Linguistics Documentation 35 (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2020), 93-94.