Principal English Translation: 

a design, a decoration; also, a personal name (attested as male)

Orthographic Variants: 
Attestations from sources in English: 

ytoca cuilloll = named Cuilol (Cuernavaca region, ca. 1540s)
The Book of Tributes: Early Sixteenth-Century Nahuatl Censuses from Morelos, ed. and transl. S. L. Cline, (Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center Publications, 1993), 130–131.

Cuilol = attested as a man's name in the tribute lists of San Pablo Teocaltitlan, folio 4r.

Is this related to cuilolli, a variant of ihcuilōlli, whose usual form is tlahcuilōlli, referring to a piece of writing or a painting?
Alexis Wimmer, Dictionnaire de la langue nahuatl clasique .

"tlahtôlchîmalli cuilôlli tlauhpoyahuac ", der königliche Schild mit Rot in verschiedenen Abstufungen bemalt. Décrit Chicôme Côâtl. Sah 1927,90; Sans doute faut-il transcrire: 'tlahtohchîmalli ihcuilôlli', le bouclier royal décoré de motifs = No doubt [the Nahuatl term shared in the German text] should be transcribed: 'tlahtohchîmalli ihcuilôlli', the royal decorated shield"
Gran Diccionario Náhuatl,