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a sea port (see Molina)


to take boats out of the water


a sea port or an embarkation site (see Molina)


to put a cargo on a ship, or launch a ship and put something on it (see Molina)


to give ballast to the boat (see Molina)

Orthographic Variants: 
acaltetepun, acaltetepon, acaltetepuntli

a shot, or a poisonous snake or scorpion (see Molina)

ballast for a boat or ship (see Molina)


grooved, channeled, or carved out with a spoon (see Molina)

navigation (see Molina)

a navigator (see Molina)

navigation (see Molina)

a navigator (see Molina)

Orthographic Variants: 
ācamāpīchtli, Acamapich

a personal name, a "Handful of Reed Arrows," is a name associated with the first ruler of Tenochtitlan (father of Huitzilihuitl); another interpretation came from the rejection of that history in the time of Itzcoatl, when Acamapichtli was said to originate in Culhuacan (see attestations)


a cane or a staff (see Molina)


crayfish, crab

some people

a straightened reed (usually also hardened over a fire, for use in making arrows) (see Sahagún, translated by Thelma Sullivan, below)


from nowhere; in no way; neither from one part or another

Orthographic Variants: 
acan ixmaui

a presumptuous and shameful person (see Molina)

lacking rest, lacking calmness (see Molina; he has put this in the first person singular, I am lacking rest, I am not calm)