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vocative: to call attention, only men use this form

Orthographic Variants: 

possessor suffix = person who has that thing

possessive suffix (when following a consonant)

people of that place

a person with an affiliation with a place (e.g. Chimalpanecatl, someone from Chimalpan)

adjectival ending

Orthographic Variants: 

verbal compounding element to turn out in a particular manner, to become (see Karttunen)

Orthographic Variants: 

someone seated (see Karttunen)

Orthographic Variants: 

to suffer greatly (this form takes a possessive rather than a subject prefix; see Karttunen)

Orthographic Variants: 

in all three parts of something (a necessarily possessed form; see Karttunen)

Orthographic Variants: 

one’s blood fellow (a necessarily possessed form; see Karttunen)

short for yehuatl; that one

letter short “e”.
letter long “e”.

bean pod (see Karttunen)

a ladder

Thelma D. Sullivan, "Nahuatl Proverbs, Conundrums, and Metaphors, Collected by Sahagún," Estudios de Cultura Náhuatl 4 (1963), 135–136.

Orthographic Variants: 

fan, or an instrument with which to chase away flies (see Molina); also, a fan used in dancing (and symbolic for war) (see Bierhorst); images of these fans seem to show that they are made of feathers

Orthographic Variants: 

Merlin, a bird (see Hunn, attestations)

Orthographic Variants: 

a personal name (attested as male)

(Tepetlaoztoc, mid-sixteenth century)
Barbara J. Williams and H. R. Harvey, The Códice de Santa María Asunción: Facsimile and Commentary: Households and Lands in Sixteenth-Century Tepetlaoztoc (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1997), 76.

Orthographic Variants: 

a hurricane whirlwind (see Molina); also, the name of a person