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a field of cane or reeds (see Molina)

the goddess who owns the water (see attestations)
Fernando Horcasitas, "La narrativa oral náhuatl (1920–1975)," Estudios de Cultura Náhuatl 13 (1978), 177–209, see 183.

to gossip (see Molina)

Orthographic Variants: 

not a little; much

to wait one’s turn to get water after all.
to put s.o. or s.t. in water and get it wet after all.

to be a servant to another person


to come to know something completely; to have a special familiarity with people of high status; or, to get hurt passing through stickers or thorns (see Molina)


one who comes to know something completely or who has a personal conversation with people of high status (see Molina)



the act of trotting


to trot, go along trotting (see Molina); to hang (see Lockhart); may also have something to do with being buried (see Sahagún, attestations)

to take water from the well after all.
to bathe s.o. or s.t. after all.
1. for a quantity to be sufficient after all. 2. to arrive after all.
1. to find s.t. after all. 2. for s.t. to fall and hit s.o. after all.
to put s.t. away after all.
for a baby who has been laid on a bed to slip down, after all.
1. to sneeze (from sickness or irritation) after all. 2. to sneeze upon remembering s.o. after all.
to breathe on s.t. during a ceremony after all.