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to get damp (see Karttunen)

to swell and ooze (see Karttunen)

to mount/ride or hunt in various places

a type of hunter

to go riding or hunting (see Molina)

to relax, have some recreation, stretch

to add water to s.t. after all.
to starve s.o. or s.t. after all.

to swim under water

to raise and lower the head frequently, like a crazy person


to be soaked (see Karttunen)

to enjoy oneself and have great pleasure; to make something with faults and defects


to insert something repeatedly; or, to moisten something (see Karttunen)

to be watery, wet; to fill up with water, to flood (see Karttunen)

to become satiated with water, after all
for water to drip from s.t. wet that is hanging after all.

swollen, bloated

to pour water on s.o. or s.t. after all.
1. for s.t. to melt from the heat, after all. 2. to add water to dough in order to soften it, after all.
for s.t. to melt, after all.

there is drinking; everyone drinks (central Mexico, sixteenth century)
R. Joe Campbell, Florentine Codex Vocabulary, 1997 .