Letter P: Displaying 21 - 40 of 1580
Orthographic Variants: 

derogative verbal compounding element added directly to a preterit stem (see Karttunen)

a suffix that indicates possession, similarity (see Siméon)

a story or narrative pertaining to someone (see attestations)

Orthographic Variants: 

pot belly (see Karttunen)

Orthographic Variants: 

one's side, flank (see Karttunen)

letter “p”.

to dye (see Molina)

1. to paint s.t. 2. for a man to paint his face in order to participate in the ceremony of Mecos. 3. to put on makeup. 4. for a writing or painting utensil to make its mark.
1. to paint s.t. 2. for men to paint their faces as women when participating in the Mecohtitlan ceremony. 3. for a woman to put makeup on. 4. for a pen or marker to function.
one’s own father.
Orthographic Variants: 

a name seen in the sixteenth century for a Nahua man (e.g. from Tlatelolco, 1586)

Nahuatl baptismal records from Tlatelolco, 1585–1606, in Caja 21, Archivo Histórico de la Provincia del Santo Evangelio de México, Convento Franciscano de San Gabriel, San Pedro Cholula, Puebla.


to wash

1. to wash specific articles of clothing. 2. to wash nixtamal.
A. nic. una persona le quita la mugre a una ropa. “Ofelia lava su hermano su pantalon porque está sucio y con quiere ir al baile”. 2. nic/nitla. una persona lava el maiz. “Alma lava nixtamal porque su mamá va a hacer tamales”. B. lavar.
Orthographic Variants: 
pacca yuian
Orthographic Variants: 
pacca yocoxca, paca

happily, gladly