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Orthographic Variants: 

earache or a buzzing in the ears (see Karttunen), could involve either an infection or tinnitus


to stun or deafen someone with loud voices or a big noise or clamor (see Molina)

behind the ears (see Molina)

to look from the side or from the ear (see Molina)

to look at someone or something with affection (see Molina); or to be made to look in this way

1. to the side of s.o. or an animal. 2. the edge or lip of a griddle.
Orthographic Variants: 

earring (see Karttunen)

for a person or animal to not be able to stand a loud music.
Orthographic Variants: 

ear(s) (see Molina, Karttunen); corner, side (see Lockhart)

s.o.’s ear.
# un poco de la cabeza de una persona y animal domestico con lo que escucha. “esa mosca esta pegado en la oreja del perro y lo mejor le da cosquillas porque lo mueve mucho”.
1. to be hard of hearing because of illness, due to water in the ears, etc. 2. to cover s.o.’s ears.
A. Persona empieza ano escuchar palabras, porque se metió agua en la oreja o porque se pone alguna cosa en el oído para no escuchar. “Leobardo se le topo en oido porque se metio una ormiga y escucha como que camina.” B. Taparse en oído. No escuchar.

to become deaf (see Karttunen)

to cover s.o’s ears so that they won’t hear s.t.
# 1. una persona se tapa las orejas con su mano o con una cosa y escucha muy poquito. “cuando escucho la musica fuerte empiezo a taparme las orejas”.

someone deaf (see Karttunen)

under s.o. or an animal’s ear.
1. for frondage to hit a person or animal’s ear as the pass by. 2. for a pig or donkey wave their ears around.
Orthographic Variants: 

Eared Grebe, a bird (see Hunn, attestations)

to have large ears (see Molina)

that one, or from there, pointing to a place (adverb) (see Molina)

that one, or from there, pointing to a place (adverb) (see Molina)