Letter P: Displaying 1421 - 1440 of 1580

a stink, stench, bad smell (see Molina)


something very smelly, stinky; or, dry powders, finely ground; or, flour well sifted (see Molina)

a colt; a young horse; or a device made of wood to detain horses when they are being doctored
(a loanword from Spanish)

Orthographic Variants: 

to throw up earth, to burrow (see Karttunen)

root of ĒLPŌTZA. for ants to make their anthill.
# una persona llena demasiado uan cosa. “cuando Benito va a cosechar su milpa llena demasiado su costal porque no quiere dar dos vueltas”.
root of PŌTZOĀ. to swell.

a mound (see Karttunen), or a hill

to stuff s.t. with s.t. else.
to stuff s.t. that belongs to s.o. with s.t.

to spread thickly (speaking of facial hair, for example; see Sahagún)

to stuff things into a hole in the ground.
to stuff a container with s.t.
1. to stuff s.t. with s.t. else. 2. for insects to swarm over s.o., an animal or s.t. 3. to stuff s.o. with food. 4. for a crayfish or ants to be burrowed in their burrow.
# 1. Una persona echa una cosa adentro de otra cosa como sea. “María llena demasiado el costal de su ropa lo que ya no se pone”. 2. muchas hormigas, abejas, zancudos o avispas juntos amontonan a alguien, un animal silvestre, animal domestico o un tipo de comida. “cuando fui a traer mi caballo vi que mi caballo esta muerto y quipotztoqueh muchos chahchizmeh y hormigas”. 3. Una persona llena a otra con un tipo de comida cuando le da de comer. “ayer Anna llenó a su hijo porque nada mas cuando terminó de darle de comer empezó a darle chorro”.
a filled-up space.
Orthographic Variants: 

a black eagle (see Molina)


to belong to; to be dedicated to; belonging to (adjective)

to walk with confidence, fearing no adversity (see Molina)


spongy, or loosely woven fabric (see Molina)

Orthographic Variants: 
poxaquatl, puxacuatl, puxaquatl, poxacua, poxaqua

Mexican Whippoorwill, a bird (see Hunn, attestations); also, a stupid or incipient person

whippoorwill feather(s)