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Orthographic Variants: 
azetonas, axitonax


Orthographic Variants: 

olive tree

minutes, proceedings of some constituted body (a word probably not used by sixteenth-century Tlaxcalans) (a loanword from Spanish)
The Tlaxcalan Actas: A Compendium of the Records of the Cabildo of Tlaxcala (1545-1627), eds. James Lockhart, Frances Berdan, and Arthur J.O. Anderson (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1986), 153.

Orthographic Variants: 
aquario, qualliyos, aquaioyos, aquariyos

Aquarius, a sign of the zodiac; a loanword from Latin, that entered Nahuatl through Spanish

Orthographic Variants: 

Real Acuerdo, the official body composed of the Viceroy and the officers of the real Audiencia court; sessions of this legal body (See Brylak et al)

Orthographic Variants: 

a specific reference to the Adam of the Adam and Eve story of Christianity
Louise M. Burkhart, Before Guadalupe: The Virgin Mary in Early Colonial Nahuatl Literature, Institute for Mesoamerican Studies Monograph 13 (Albany: University at Albany, 2001), 17.

worshipful adoration

Orthographic Variants: 

to carry out worship

Orthographic Variants: 
acnos tey

Lamb of God
(a phrase from Latin)

summer pastures

summer pasturing

Orthographic Variants: 
agusto, augustus, augusto, augustos

August, the month (see attestations)

masses devoted to the Virgin Mary during the nine days preceding Christmas

ordained Augustinian friar

Augustinian friar

to plant garlic